I Want

A bit of history

“I Want” is a piece of fiction that was born after my experience playing in a Harry Potter AU Play-by-Post RPG in the early 2000s. This the story of wizards and witches in the universe created by J. K. Rowling and that is as far as that author’s influence goes. Trans rights are human rights. 

A bit of a warning

There are parts of this story that are highly erotic in nature, so expect that. That being said, there are explicit depictions of sex, not all of them consensual (non-con).  Also, the characters may be ignorant, misguided or plainly arseholes. Their opinions are their own and do not reflect the author’s (who’s just another kind of arsehole). 

You can skip most of the sex if you want by clicking the «Skip the debauchery» links whenever available. Otherwise it’s because those chapters include important parts of the story.   

A bit of context

The story takes place in the near present, respecting the chronological events in the Harry Potter books. For instance, Lia and Steve were First Years during the Battle of Hogwarts, while Daniel was in Sixth Year.

Many events, places and other things are canonical while others come straight out of this author’s arse. 

A bit about the format

This story is being put together on a platform called Twine, used mostly in interactive stories and non-linear literary games. Is the story interactive? Not really, but at some points it’s non-linear. Everything adds up in the end, but you may choose the order in which you read some of the character chapters. 

A few things you should know:

  • Twine is totally browser based, so just read it there no matter the device. Although you may enjoy the delights of CSS animations by hovering your mouse on some of the images.  
  • You can pass each mini-chapter using the hand/arrows at the bottom of the page.
  • Don’t worry about the story’s length: this was made so your browser will remember where you left off as long as you use the same device.

A bit… sidetracked

From Chapter 10 onwards you will find special links to chapters written in first person. These were created as exercises when trying to get under the characters’ skin and evolved into important parts of each character’s backstory. Don’t worry, those chapters have links taking you back to the main story.

On to the story

Latest update April 19: Chapter 18 + Daniel Wants 03