I was on the street, going to some sort of convention when I noticed my cellphone was ringing. I picked it up but couldn’t recognize the voice on the other side. His voice was strong and confident and and he said he wanted to take me out on a date. I mentioned that I didn’t know who he was, but he kept going on about how we should go on this half-blind date. I still don’t know why I encouraged him -whoever he was- as I had absolutely no intention of meeting him. I am surprised to say I wasn’t even curious.
I arrived to my destination while still on the phone and it didn’t take long to find you. I hung up immediately.
I greeted you and we talked. You seemed as happy to see me as I was to see you and I smiled. I felt confident, safe and whole. I lived for moments like that one.
At some point you produce an awkward smile and confess your feelings for me. For a while you talk about everything you like about me as if I were your favourite game. When you’re done you look at me, hoping I’d say I felt the same, and instead of saying so I smile and kiss you.

(I still remember your mouth and your chest against mine, and it feels like springtime).

We hold hands as we talk some more and I suddenly mention my boyfriend. You look at me slightly disappointed, yet not surprised at all. As a joke, I asked you if you were willing to share me with another man, and your answer was «No».
You had never seemed so sure and I felt a little embarassed for thinking you’d say otherwise. I expected you to be angry. Instead, you held my hand, not willing to step aside.

…Nunca fui muy partidaria de eso de postear en un idioma que no fuera el propio, pero cuando el sueño es en un idioma ajeno al propio (a esta altura, sea cual fuere) me parece que lo amerita.
Me podría acostumbrar a esto de soñar con… ¿Elseworlds?

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